There are a number of different reasons why companies require SCADA training for their employees. The majority of SCADA vendors will provide the training on their own as part of their company’s SCADA solution package. In fact, many vendors also provide the certification as part of the SCADA system bundle they sell.

SCDA Training

In addition to the training itself, it is also important to consider how the training will be delivered. For some companies, this means the use of a web based system, such as e-SCADA or SCASNET. For others, the training can be delivered through face to face training sessions with a certified SCASNET or e-SCASNET instructor. Some companies will use a combination of the two. Either way, it is important for the SCASNET or e-SCASNET training to be up to par with what the vendor recommends.

Another key factor in determining whether or not a company needs SCADA training is their size. Large companies may find it unnecessary to invest in training, but small companies may be able to save money by doing so. There are a number of ways to determine how large a company is before conducting a study. One way is by looking at the number of employees within the organization.

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