A leather sofa ought to be put in ventilated and dry spot (outrageous dry or wet leather will quicken the maturing). What’s more, stay away from direct daylight and you would prefer not to put the sofa beneath the cooling, which will make leather solidify, blur or even split. The following are our tips in detail on the best way to clean leather sofas.


When you buy another leather couch, clean the surface with daintily damped, delicate towel or fabric, to tenderly clear off the residue or earth. Try to abstain from cleaning with water. At that point you use leather moisturizer and defensive shower quickly to help keep changeless stains from happening, since it frames a defensive layer on the leather surface, with the goal that the earth can’t walk its way into the “dermal pores”. We profoundly prescribe you test a leather cream and splash in a concealed region of the sofa before utilizing.

Sofa Cleaning for your perfect home

For leather stains, abstain from utilizing cleanser, cleaning cleansers. The exact opposite thing you need to do is drench the stain with water. This may make more harm your leather sofa than the stain itself. Rather, you need to clean stain with an off wet material or wipe, and let it air dry normally.

If you spill drink on the leather surface, utilize a clean material or wipe to suck it, and after that wipe with a sodden fabric.

For oil stains, utilize a dry material to clean. We suggest you first tab and after that blotch as opposed to cleaning, to keep away from spread oil over. At that point you apply leather salve to expel the rest of the oil.

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