Divorce procedure has a few basic requirements that must be noted. One needs to be in a resident currently or have resided there for three years right before the petition is filed, and one must either have been married three years or more or have evidence of exceptional cruelty and unreasonable behavior.

If these conditions are met then the divorce procedure begins with proving irretrievable breakdown as occurred. This can be proven through evidence of adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion for two years, or separation for three to four years with the latter being acceptable even with the other spouse contesting it.


Quick Divorce Procedures

Once you have determined you can prove the above and meet the residency requirements, you should consult with a lawyer who can file the proper forms for you. These forms include but are not limited to applications for maintenance, custody and child related matters, and division of assets. You will be advised to gather documents to prove contributions into the marriage, debts jointly held, and anything that supports the needs of minor dependents.

If you are the defendant you will be served with papers including the Writ for the Divorce and other court documents. Consulting a lawyer is a good idea.

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