Burwood and Sohal established that if the body had an injury, it could be treated through manipulation. It was not an ‘instinctive’ reaction as we think when we have an injury. It is the application of pressure to the body in a particular way, which is known as physiotherapists Burwood. They developed the ‘pressure/rest’ technique as a method of treating injuries, but have since expanded into other areas such as rehabilitation, exercise and rehabilitation, sports therapy, and rehabilitation of sports injury.

Chiropractor Physiotherapy Burwood Strathfield Sydney

In the year 1992, Dr. Burwood and Dr. Sohal were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiotherapy, and they deserve it as it is the most well-known form of therapy practiced in the UK and globally. They are both internationally acknowledged for their contributions to the field of physiotherapy, and their contribution has been recognized by the Royal Academy of Medicine.

It is interesting to note the role of the Burwood and Sohal in the development of physiotherapy in the United States. Dr. Burwood was a pioneer in using massage techniques for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, and Dr. Sohal developed a similar technique for the treatment of spinal disorders. These techniques helped to develop a new approach to treating injuries and have become the norm in the treatment of the spine in the USA and other countries.

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