Psychic readings over the telephone – Are they real?

I never thought telephone psychics or clairvoyants were real. Not until my psychic readings from Mrs. Hanson.  (Mrs. Hanson is not her real name, and I won’t be using real names in most of my writings). Psychics phone readings at Patricia Bernard Australia are a great way to get in touch with a third party healer.


It was around 1984 or 85 that I discovered Mrs. Hanson.  At the time, my business partner and I were trying to perfect, manufacture, and market a new energy saving invention that we had licensed from another party.  We had a secretary, Betty. Betty was good at her job, but I had the feeling she never really understood what it was that our new product did.  She was, however, one of our investors.


One morning when I came into work, April showed me a letter she had written to a psychic and was about to mail. It was a brief letter and consisted of four or five questions, most of which I do not remember.  The one question she asked that I do remember was the last question on the letter. The question she asked was “How is my investment going to do?”. I remember that question because her investment was in our new energy saving product.  How could I not remember that question!


I thought little more about it until several weeks later, when Betty received a package in the mail from Mrs. Hanson.  Mrs. Hanson lived about 600 miles away in another state. In the package was a cassette tape answering the questions Betty had asked in the letter she had showed me before mailing it.


Betty was quite excited about the tape, and wanted me to listen to it. (Betty was aware that at the time I was very interested in the paranormal).


So I sat down, put Betty’s cassette tape into the player and listened. Now I didn’t know anything about the first part of the tape, but I was very interested in what Mrs. Hanson would have to say about that last question Betty had asked in her letter, the question about “how her investment would do”.


Remember, I read the letter from Betty before she mailed it off, and there were just 4 or 5 questions, no background information what so ever. Betty said she had gotten Mrs. Hanson’s name from a friend of a woman who worked for Betty’s son-in-law or something. Apparently, Mrs. Hanson did not charge money for her psychic readings. She gave them because she liked to help people.

Hmm… interesting.  So if she didn’t charge money one could assume she didn’t hire investigators.

When Mrs. Hanson came to the last question she began by saying something like “About your last question.  It’s a financial question, and I don’t like to do financial questions because I’m quite often wrong. When I’m wrong about a financial question people often get upset. But I’ll read the energy but remember I am often wrong.”

On the cassette, Mrs. Hanson sounded like a “little old grandmother”.  “It looks like you’ve invested in a new invention” she continued.

Wait Wait Wait!  How did she know that?  If I were trying to guess how someones “investment” was going to do I would

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