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Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Psychologist On The Northern Beaches

Numerous research studies have found that Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for panic attacks, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. There is conflicting research on whether CBT is superior to other forms of therapy for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Most psychologists on the Northern Beaches are not trained in CBT and provide other forms of psychotherapy click here to see a trained clinical psychologist on the Northern Beaches Sydney. But several of the therapists in our office are highly qualified cognitive-behavioral psychologists, and two of us are the founders of the Australian Association of Cognitive-Behavioral psychologists.

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The basic assumption of cognitive-behavior therapy is that people’s psychological problems are caused by erroneous thinking. CBT therapists use cognitive and behavioral techniques to change patients’ erroneous thinking, and the changed thinking causes symptom relief as well as positive changes in behavior, emotions, self-esteem, relationships, and coping skills.

Couple Therapy CBT Therapy With A Psychologist

When a couple calls us, we like to begin with a consultation where one of us meets with the couple, spending some time with both of you together and some time with each of you alone. Toward the end of the initial consultation, the psychologist will talk to both of you again, and tell you how we see the problem and whether we believe couple therapy would be helpful. Sometimes there are individual problems which need to be addressed in addition to the couple problems. Typical couple therapy includes help with:

Improving Communication: We will teach both of you how to express what is on your mind, including your negative feelings, without being offensive to your partner. We will also teach both of you how to listen effectively, enabling you and your partner to understand each other’s feelings, and showing each of you how to help your partner express what’s on his or her mind.

Learning to Resolve Differences: In every relationship there are situations where you and your partner have different wants, needs, and preferences. We will show you how to resolve these differences in ways you both can be comfortable with.

Understanding Each Other’s Feelings: A relationship is not intimate unless each of you understands the other’s hopes, fears, joys, and sadness. Couple therapy is an ideal forum for gaining better understanding of each other in a safe environment.

Temper and Anger Control: Temper and anger control are often important issues in intimate relationships. We can teach you effective techniques for reducing the intensity of your anger, and help you find constructive rather than destructive ways to express that anger.

Criticism: In intimate relationships, what one partner believes is a helpful suggestion is often experienced by the other partner as harsh and/or constant criticism. We can help each of you become more aware of your tone of voice, and show you how you may sometimes feel criticized when that is not your partner’s intention.

Control Problems: In many relationships, one partner feels controlled by the other. This situation may last for many years before the partner who feels controlled is ready to confront the issue. Usually the other partner wants the relationship to work, but has great difficulty understanding and making appropriate changes. We can help both of you through this difficult transition and find a new way of relating to each other.

Infidelity: If you suspect that your partner is currently being unfaithful, we may recommend that you begin with some individual sessions to obtain guidance in how to deal with the situation. If the infidelity is in the past, we will work with the two of you on regaining trust and solving the problems which originally led to the infidelity.

Separation and Divorce: If you have already decided on divorce, we can help you work toward an amicable separation. This is particularly important if children are involved. Careful research has found that parental conflict, not divorce, is the most important cause of children’s psychological problems. However, it is also true that many relationships which appear to be hopeless can be repaired with professional help.

Free Phone Readings Clairvoyant

Discover Free Psychic Telephone Readings

Together with the present social environment of change and uncertainty, psychic telephone readings have been increasing in popularity. Lots of people are feeling displaced and are seeking assistance in discovering a purpose. Commonly, feeling constrained and insecure is leaving many people feeling a bit lost and helpless.

Insight and Knowledge

At times like these, people seem to have a greater tendency to connect with paranormal phenomena to facilitate access to insight and knowledge that may be invisible to themselves. Using the services of a psychic can frequently provide guidance and broader awareness to someone who feels as though they have nowhere else to turn.

Select the Ideal Reader

You will find an increasing number of companies that are set up to provide psychic telephone readings. But, considering all the choices, it is fairly easy to become overwhelmed by all the opportunities. Selecting the ideal reader is an essential starting point to affirming a quality consultation takes place.

Finding the Best Match

To help you make your choice, take a look at your alternatives on the internet first. In the event you see an advertisement for telephone readings, notice whether or not they have a website you can check out. While perusing the website, look into previous client evaluations and search for specifics on the business practices. Once you decide on a website that you feel comfortable with, spend some time to find the psychic who appears to be the best match as well.

What is Your Focus?

Every reader is likely to have her or his specialization. Be sure that you go through a bunch of profiles and comments on several psychic before you make your decision.  With psychic telephone readings, the readers, as with other types of readings, will likely concentrate on specific life topics, like romance, relationships, finances, spirituality, and employment.  If you identify a particular topic area you will likely receive much more focused guidance from your psychic.

Psychic Tools

Together with focusing on specific aspects of life, your prospective reader might also utilize a special tool to assist them in divining the answers to your questions.  Various psychics might use Tarot cards, runes, a pendulum, numerology or perhaps yet another method to support them in attuning with the client’s aura and issues.

Get the Most Value From Your Reading

If you experience a preference for runes or Tarot, seek out a psychic who is skilled with these methods. For people with someone close who has died and who are really wanting to connect with and hear from that person, seeking out a psychic medium who is gifted in communing with the deceased would be best for their reading. This might seem like common sense, but people can get wrapped up in their anticipation and fail to make sure they get the most value out of their reading.

Does the Site Offer Psychic Telephone Readings?

Be aware that all internet sites that promote psychic readings do not automatically provide identical services.  Many deliver only live psychic chat or psychic email readings but no phone consultations.  For that reason, read carefully to be certain a website offers live psychic telephone readings prior to scheduling your reading with them.

Is it time for you to discover psychic telephone readings? For a reading with a psychic, you can trust, click here now. Then come back and share with us about your experience!


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Summer is coming! And it’s time to use your air conditioner. Everybody likes the cool air as you enter your room. You need to take care of the air conditioning to make sure that the air conditioning takes care of you in a hot day. It is important that you maintain it and keep it under condition. There may be times when you’re A\C is not working properly. You do not want that when you come home after you’ve been in the heat all day. It is vital that you schedule timely air conditioning maintenance and repair service. A proper maintenance and repair services helps you avoid unwanted costs and future problems with your AC unit.


To sum up, here are the important reasons of maintaining your AC system:

Home Comfort

The primary clear purpose behind air conditioning maintenance and repair must be your comfort. Summer is all fun and nice, yet it is frustrating when it’s all steamy and sweaty. It is necessary for you and your family to stay comfortable, avoiding that heat. You can’t stay out in the sun for a long time. There are chances that it may trigger headache cerebral pains, also the sunburn, and high chance of skin cancer. When the temperature tends to rise during the day, your home’s cool environment is a haven for you.


The second explanation behind having timely air conditioning maintenance is to guarantee that your ventilation system is effective and working taking care of business. Your cooling unit is continually being used during the hot summer months. It works hard to keep your home cool and agreeable. To do as such, the system needs to perform at its optimum level without coming up short. Also, this is the place on time support and repair comes in, to ensures that your unit’s effectiveness is up to the standard.

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It’s cold outside. But that doesn’t mean your winter wedding has to be cold. Escape away to one of these sunny destination wedding locations for a summer wedding in the winter.


Thanks a huge number of all-inclusive resorts along some of the country’s most beautiful coastline, beach weddings are immensely popular.



St. Vincent & The Grenadines

This elite string of cays and islands has long been the secret hideaway for British jet-setters like Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Mick Jagger. Picking just one of SVG’s 32 jaw-dropping islands may prove a challenge; choose between ultra exclusive Petit St. Vincent, a private-island resort that completed a top-to-bottom makeover in November 2011, and secluded Palm Island, located along the chain’s southern tip and featuring villas and suites that got a face-lift in August 2012. Or stay on the main island of St. Vincent, where the all-inclusive Buccament Bay Resort, opened in late 2011, offers expansive wedding packages (including spa treatments and catamaran cruises) and one- to four-bedroom suites ideal for groups.



At the Anassa Hotel, for example, you can wed in a Byzantine chapel in a recreated village square, surrounded by lavender-fringed paths and scarlet bougainvillea. Or at the Elysium, marry on the front patio of a church with the waves of the Mediterranean crashing in the distance.



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Patricia Bernard

Psychic readings over the telephone – Are they real?

I never thought telephone psychics or clairvoyants were real. Not until my psychic readings from Mrs. Hanson.  (Mrs. Hanson is not her real name, and I won’t be using real names in most of my writings). Psychics phone readings at Patricia Bernard Australia are a great way to get in touch with a third party healer.


It was around 1984 or 85 that I discovered Mrs. Hanson.  At the time, my business partner and I were trying to perfect, manufacture, and market a new energy saving invention that we had licensed from another party.  We had a secretary, Betty. Betty was good at her job, but I had the feeling she never really understood what it was that our new product did.  She was, however, one of our investors.


One morning when I came into work, April showed me a letter she had written to a psychic and was about to mail. It was a brief letter and consisted of four or five questions, most of which I do not remember.  The one question she asked that I do remember was the last question on the letter. The question she asked was “How is my investment going to do?”. I remember that question because her investment was in our new energy saving product.  How could I not remember that question!


I thought little more about it until several weeks later, when Betty received a package in the mail from Mrs. Hanson.  Mrs. Hanson lived about 600 miles away in another state. In the package was a cassette tape answering the questions Betty had asked in the letter she had showed me before mailing it.


Betty was quite excited about the tape, and wanted me to listen to it. (Betty was aware that at the time I was very interested in the paranormal).


So I sat down, put Betty’s cassette tape into the player and listened. Now I didn’t know anything about the first part of the tape, but I was very interested in what Mrs. Hanson would have to say about that last question Betty had asked in her letter, the question about “how her investment would do”.


Remember, I read the letter from Betty before she mailed it off, and there were just 4 or 5 questions, no background information what so ever. Betty said she had gotten Mrs. Hanson’s name from a friend of a woman who worked for Betty’s son-in-law or something. Apparently, Mrs. Hanson did not charge money for her psychic readings. She gave them because she liked to help people.

Hmm… interesting.  So if she didn’t charge money one could assume she didn’t hire investigators.

When Mrs. Hanson came to the last question she began by saying something like “About your last question.  It’s a financial question, and I don’t like to do financial questions because I’m quite often wrong. When I’m wrong about a financial question people often get upset. But I’ll read the energy but remember I am often wrong.”

On the cassette, Mrs. Hanson sounded like a “little old grandmother”.  “It looks like you’ve invested in a new invention” she continued.

Wait Wait Wait!  How did she know that?  If I were trying to guess how someones “investment” was going to do I would

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We use air conditioners for cooling and heaters for the purpose of warming up the houses and offices. Heating ventilations and air conditioning provides both the facilities of cooling and heating. HVAC is abbreviation of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. It also does ventilation for homes. The heating ventilation and air conditioning system is very important in the designs of both large and medium for industrial and office areas, like skyscrapers. HVAC is sometimes referred to as climate control. Refrigeration is sometimes added to the field’s contraction as HVACR. Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems provide ventilation, reduce infiltration and maintain pressure of a space. Heating ventilation and air conditioning system includes the basic principals of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. The components of the HVAC system are invented with the industrial revolutions. Many companies of the world have introduced different procedures of modernization, control and high efficiency systems.


The three functions heating, ventilating and air conditioning of HVAC are consistent to each other. All of them provide thermal comfort and adequate indoor air quality. The heating ventilation and air conditioning systems also provide reasonable operations, installation and maintenance costs. In the modern buildings of the whole world, the designs, control systems and installation of these heating and cooling functions are incorporated into one or more than one HVAC systems. The HVAC system and tools are normally selected in size by the contractors for the use of small buildings. For the large business areas or large buildings, the expert designers and engineers evaluate different designs, and identify the heating ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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